29 - 31 August 2022

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscat, Oman

Details and Benefits

The exhibition stands are 3m wide x 3m deep and 2.4m high. Stand fittings will consist of a system stand, two fluorescent lights, fascia board in English, one electrical power point and sufficient tables and chairs. In addition each exhibitor will avail the following benefits:

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Concurrent Exhibition : Oman Welding, Corrosion Prevention & Coatings Exhibition


The concurrent exhibition provides you an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and services to decision makers and influencers from the marine, construction, infrastructure, oil & gas and energy industry. Exhibit your brand’s products and services to industry leaders and key decisionmakers. Benefits include assistance in elite buyer meetings & discounted partnership opportunities.

Welding and Cutting

  • Materials for welding, surfacing and soldering
  • Equipment and technologies for welding, cutting, surfacing, soldering and heat treatment
  • Power supplies and control systems for welding equipment
  • Equipment for orbital welding and pipe processing
  • Electron beam, laser, plasma welding and cutting
  • Automated integrated systems and units for welding and cutting
  • Automation of welding production and technological processes, software
  • Devices for non-destructive testing of welded joints
  • Scientific and information support of welding
  • The system of training, retraining and certification of welders
  • Labor protection and environmental safety in welding production
  • Certification of welding equipment.

Corrosion Prevention

  • Methods of corrosive monitoring and diagnostics, devices and equipment
  • Electrochemical protection
  • Chemical methods of corrosion prevention
  • Protective anticorrosion coatings
  • Polymeric and lacquer coatings
  • Corrosion-resistant and non-metallic materials
  • New methods of corrosion prevention

Surface Technology

  • Technologies of tools and machine components hardening
  • Thermal spraying equipment and technologies
  • Electroplating equipment and technologies
  • Technologies of laser treatment
  • Materials for coating deposition and galvanic production
  • Equipment and technologies of plasma-vacuum coating deposition
  • Technologies and equipment for plastic coatings and painting
  • Equipment for cleaning, pre-treatment and heat treatment
  • Measuring, testing and analysis equipment


  • Technologies for hardening tools and machine parts
  • Equipment and technologies for thermal spraying of coatings
  • Equipment and technologies of galvanic coatings
  • Laser processing technologies
  • Materials for spraying coatings and electroplating industries
  • Equipment and technologies for plasma vacuum deposition of coatings
  • Equipment and technologies for applying polymer and paint coatings
  • Equipment for cleaning, surface preparation and heat treatment
  • Control-measuring and diagnostic equipment and partings
  • Labor protection and environmental safety

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The event is closed. Please contact the organizer for any queries