29 - 31 August 2022

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscat, Oman


Failure is not an option in high-risk oil and gas industry. Any corrosion event can result in failure that can be catastrophic. Corrosion in this industry affects safety, environment, and finance. Therefore, it is paramount to understand causes of corrosion, assess and predict corrosion, find out mitigation measures, monitor and inspect damage due to corrosion, and develop corrosion management strategies. Corrosion has a major economic impact on industry and the wider community. Governments and organisations spend billions of dollars every year mitigating and repairing corrosion damage. The challenges faced by the oil and gas and processing industries is to protect the materials from the aggressive effects of operating conditions. Corrosion costs around 3% of GDP per year due to materials degradation, product and production loss, and associated damages. It is further estimated that 20% and 40% of the cost is avoidable using existing knowledge and technology. The benefits of available knowledge to control and manage corrosion can be reaped if it is shared and discussed at an appropriate forum.

The CORROSION CONFERENCE 2022 will provide a platform for knowledge transfer, networking, and collaboration for those in corrosion industry. The event will focus on effects, mitigation, and prevention of corrosion on pipelines, equipment, and facilities.

CORROSION CONFERENCE technical program will have plenary lectures by distinguished international experts. Various disciplines of corrosion prevention and control will be covered in the different sessions of the technical program. The technical program will also include pre-conference workshop sessions on different aspects of corrosion control. The exhibition, running concurrently with the conference, will provide the stage for the latest developments in products, solutions, and methodologies in the corrosion industry.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

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